Jack and Jill


Jill hears his words
Through a haze, filtered
By her caution — she knows
They cut sharper than a knife,
Steely-ice-eyes accompany
Jack’s verbal assault.

Another attempt at
Character assassination,
With no just cause.

Gaslighting — tearing at her
Sanity; she says,
“Hit the road, Jack.
An’ don’t ever come back.

You lost your crown
When you climbed patriarchy hill —
The walls came tumbling down,
You’re now without ‘your’ Jill.”


Thank You for One More Day


If the world was to end tomorrow
I would still delight in the birds today
Amidst injustice, war and sorrow
To You, Most Merciful, I pray.

And if I do meet my Maker tomorrow
Because humanity has gone so far astray
I would tenderly and carefully borrow
Songs, flowers, rainbows and the birds’ play.

Give it up to Mother God, because tomorrow
Has been carelessly and ruthlessly thrown away
Thank Her for Creation with a sprig of pink yarrow
And love songs the birds to my heart did sweetly convey.


Gypsy Girl


soulful eyes
the unbearable and inexcusable,
anguish of a dove caught
in a torrent of hate.
God’s healing hand
caressing souls’ in despair,
even when they have given up…
soulful eyes
a way out of no way.




Stung by stealth-poison-arrows of doubt
Leave a person without
Any idea of their own whereabouts

Flung hot potatoes kept— burn within
Cast them back,— don’t wear that pin




Tally a little longer in the garden,
Stave off discouragement:
“In nature there’s no blemish but the mind;
None can be call’d deform’d but the unkind.”


Ode to Books


unicorns and elves
live and breath ~
angels tickle light,
it winks back
in rainbows;
stars wear hats
from opal dust.